Weave Online Magic around your Events

Automate all Sales Processes

Features Pricing

Enterprise Whitelabel

₹6000 Per month
GST 18% = 1080

With GST = Rs 7080/-

Transaction Fee – 1%

Advanced Whitelabel

₹8000 Per month
GST @ 18% = 1440

With GST = Rs 9440

Transaction Fee – 1%

Event Promoter Emailer

₹1160 Upto 60K emails per month
GST @ 18% = 208.8

With GST = RS 1368.8k

Email list will be imported posted validation check. One time charges will apply for validation.No additional storage charge

Features Regular

This is a build, Train and transfer service

unlike the available DIY options. This will save you considerable time and effort. Your subscription kicks in, once you sign of the build product

Sell Digital and Physical Products

You can sell tickets, physical goods and digital products all from the same website using the powerful combination of FooEvents and WooCommerce.

Free or Paid Events

Sell tickets or register attendees for free events. Attendees will be issued tickets and registered in your database which is great for building a CRM database and managing event access.


  • Done by us
  • AWS amazon Cloud Hosting – Mumbai
  • Cloudflare CDN

Free SSL certificate


  • SMTP, MX, DKIM, SF setup for email notifications
  • Staff email verified
  • Email Templates for transactions will carry Client Brand -ID
  • Templated messaging can be modified
  • Will work for all transactional messaging
  • Newsletter service is an Ad on and highly recommended to engage the subscribed and purchased base. Helps you schedule and automate communication in your branded templates


  • Client Domain will be mapped to CDN Namersvers
  • Selected templates will be configured
  • Brand iD set with Primary Colours and fonts
  • Clent logo regular and retina will be set
  • Meta description will be set for client

Event Site and Store | Mobile Web App

  • Unlimited Events, Posts, Blogs and Pages
  • Unlimited store products
  • Virtual and physical locations
  • Google Maps integration for venue location
  • Ical and google calendar saving
  • All pages have a mobile app like interface for mobile screens and are responsive to all screens
  • Member and speaker templates
  • Schedule and Agenda templates
  • Accordion tab elements for mobile navigation 
  • Drag and drop content elements and containers to make custom pages on the fly

Create Event Calendars

Add calendars of all your events to your website. Calendars support various themes and can be added to your posts and pages using simple short codes or widgets.


  • There is no restriction on numbers,but it has a training overload
  • We can advise you appropriate numbers to staff with permissions based on your event load

Payment Gateways

  • This will be mapped to your merchant accounts and ids. We configure Paytm, Razorpay for INR and  PayPal and Stripe for foreign currencies. Ask for other gateways
  • These gateways will  cost you 2% plus GST for a transaction
  • If you do payments through us our charges will be 3% for payments plus 1% transaction or 4%
  • You still save 1% by building your own gateway service at no extra cost. We will guide you through the contracts and integration for free

Gateway Costs

SEO Optimisation

  • On operation can be continued through plugins

Page speed optimisation

  • Number of plugins used to optimise speed
  • All images are automatically optimised. Restriction may apply if the volume is too high
  • Based on open source and licensed plugins, we ensure they all work without conflict and do not compromise page speed. Unnecessary functionality is disabled.

Performance marketing

  • Google analytics tracking configured
  • Facebook Tracking configured
  • Code for other social media can be configured
  • Performance marketing for client is an optional paid service .The tracking enables you to run it yourself

Maintenance and 24 x 7 support

  • Software is constantly updated to address security, features and functionality. We ensure you stay on top
  • Support is 24 x7

Training and Deployment

  • Is done through online sessions and interaction

Abandoned cart recovery

Professional Reports

Advanced Whitelabel

Includes all features in regular plan and

Manage Multi-day Events

Sell multi-day tickets that give your attendees access to an event over multiple calendar or sequential days, each day contains it’s own separate check-in.

Sell tickets to virtual conferences, meetings and webinars

Seamless integration with Zoom means you can take advantage of all the monetization benefits and functionality provided by us, while world class video streaming of your live virtual event is taken care of by Zoom.

Sell tickets to physical and virtual events simultaneously

With FooEvents, you can sell tickets to physical events, virtual events or both! It’s never been easier to sell tickets and manage free registrations for all your events across multiple channels and platforms.

Own the customer relationship and your data

By selling tickets to your virtual event directly from your own website, you maintain complete control over your sales funnel and can build your customer database which will allow you to optimize conversions and adapt your event and marketing strategies as needed.

Custom Attendee fields

Create and capture your own custom attendee input fields through an easy to use drag and drop form builder interface.

Barcode QR Code Check In

All tickets include a unique 1D barcode or QR code which can be scanned with a handheld barcode scanner or with our free Event Check-ins apps.

Bluetooth Scanner Integration

Scan tickets using your mobile device’s built-in camera or pair your device to any handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner.


Android & iOS Check-in App

There’s no need to struggle with clumsy spreadsheets or kill trees when you can manage event check-ins with our free, easy to use iOS and Android apps.

Auto Check-ins

Speed up check-ins by enabling the auto check-ins option which will automatically check-in an attendee and return to the scanning screen once their ticket has been successfully scanned.

Offline Mode

Don’t stress if the power goes out or the internet connection drops as you can still do check-ins with the built-in offline mode until your connection is reestablished and the data automatically syncs

Bulk Status Updates

Change the check-in status of multiple attendees using the built-in Bulk Update option. Simply select the tickets and mark them as checked-in, checked-out or canceled.

PDF Tickets

Send your tickets in a clean, print-friendly format which attendees can download and print from any device that supports PDFs.

Print Name Badges

Download a PDF file that contains name badges for all your attendees which are pre-formatted in many common commercial label sizes for printing.

Send Branded Ticket Emails

Send customizable ticket emails to attendees or ticket purchasers. Tickets include the event logo, attendee and event details and a unique 1D barcode or QR code.

Different Ticket Types

Create different ticket types that have their own stock count, price, discount etc. This is ideal for events where access is based on the type of ticket that your customer purchased.

Events Seating

Capture seating rows and numbers at checkout. Let attendees choose their own seats based on the layout of your venue.

Expo Stall booking and Sales

Turm your stall floor layout into a booking sheet and enable sales and inventory management from the Expo Floor plan

Sales POS Integration. Sell offline too

Turn any computer or tablet into a cash register that works seamlessly with your event site

Discount Coupons

Promote your event through fixed and percentage based discount coupons. Track and manage coupon usage directly from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Event Reports

Get a better understanding of your ticket sales and event performance. View event revenue, tickets sold, check-ins, available tickets and more.

Sales Reports (available to regular plan)

You can view your store’s detailed sales performance from month-to-month using various graphs and stats.

Order Management (available to regular plan)

WooCommerce orders are generated each time a ticket is sold. Orders are linked to your tickets and contain billing information and product data.

Event Promoter Emailer

Add to Regular or Advanced Whitelabel

Connect with your community

via email through every stage of your event, bolster event attendance, and manage notifications more efficiently than ever.

Create stunning campaigns in minutes

We will integrate an intuitive and easy to use Drag & Drop editor which lets you create beautiful email campaigns without any coding knowledge.

Powerful automation to easily engage with your contacts

Send automatic welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, follow-ups, auto-responder and more.

Whitelabel for Event Organisers - Shopify for Events

Real time insight into your campaigns

We enable you to track and analyse your campaigns and subscribers with ease.

Find out where they are coming from, which email client they are using, their click rate and any other activity to improve your email campaigns and get the best conversion possible.

No recurring fees, you own your data and assets

We store all your subscribers and campaigns within WordPress and there are no fees for doing so.

Integrate WhatsApp

WhatsApp Chat Support

₹800 Per month
GST @18% = 144

GST inclusive cost = 944

Add on another layer of support. You can control available time.You can add multiple WhatsApp numbers e.g One for Stall queries and another for Ticketing

Support Multiple Accounts

You customer can choose a supporter they want to chat, they know exactly who they are having  a conversation with

Whitelabel for Event Organisers - Shopify for Events

Integrate with a Business WhatsApp

Get the full advantage of business analytics and customer tagging and other CRM features built into the app. Strengthen your brand communication  with business branding

Get immediate links for the page user was on your website

The application forwards the page User was on along with his message, giving you immediate context for a response.

Store all message history

in Google Drive or Cloud depending on the phone Android or IOS.

Whitelabel for Event Organisers - Shopify for Events

Integrate Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Free Free Integration when setting up API with your facebook page

If you promote heavily on facebook, this will help you convert better as you can engaged with the user while he is on your facebook page or shop